Vivian Jackson

The Way Humans Think and Consume Information

Blog Post created by Vivian Jackson Employee on Nov 30, 2015

The first set of findings was chilling. I have visions of our society returning to hieroglyphics as our written language. And the SAT score drop is depressing. But I have to admit that I do see signs of these trends being harbingers of major communication paradigm shifts. I recently met a PhD who was brilliant but could not read the time on an analog watch. We had a rousing little debate about whether analog time was dead in light of the proliferation of smart devices that tell us the time. But I digress...


The continuous evolution of information technology and our connection to it drives the way we will adapt in order to stay meaningful and relevant. In a few short years (2018!), the ability to use predominantly visual communication will be huge. Are we ready? Do we have a flexible business communication culture that can see and respond to these trends as early adopters and innovators?