Vivian Jackson

3 Steps to Mastering Dark Social

Blog Post created by Vivian Jackson Employee on Dec 15, 2015



Every time someone does a copy/paste to share content over email, IM, or in forums, Dark Social happens. This type of social interaction occurs at 3x the rate of sharing over Facebook (69% through Dark Social). For business, it is important to note that Dark Social often represents accurate, real-time data from the beginning of the customer's purchase decision journey.

Take Action With These 3 Steps

  1. Harness Dark Social on Owned Media: Pay attention to Dark Social that occurs in controlled communication channels, such as company websites, thought leadership blogs, and email traffic.

    "...Dark Social is the more appropriate sharing environment for collaborative decision-making between close associates, friends and family members."
  2. Implement Short URL Sharing: Shortened links, especially those using a vanity or branded domain, generate higher clickbacks - with higher viewer trust of content behind a link that carries a brand or endorsement that they know.

    Short URLs take up less space in social media posts, leaving more room to talk about the content being shared.
  3. Respond to Dark Social Insights in Real-time: Merely collecting and aggregating dark social data relegates it to past-tense insights and hindsight analytics. Real-time dark social data that motivates the appropriate programmatic media buying strategies, can provide a business with traction earlier in the purchasing/decision funnel.

    "Digital, persona-based analytics created using dark social data, are a remarkably accurate indicator of real-time consumer behavior."

Did you know...

  • Globally, a third of people who share content online only share using Dark Social?
  • Globally, Dark Social occurs across multiple platforms with about 36% of Dark Social sharing happening on a mobile device?
  • The companies that are tuned into and acting on real-time Dark Social data are seeing impressive results?

What is Dark Social?

This term was coined by Alexis C. Madrigal, back in 2012, in reference to digital communication that cannot be tracked by conventional web analytics.

Radium One provides an in-depth report that delivers a solid examination of Dark Social and ways to develop strategies that harness its power.