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The Top 10 Types of Brand Content

Blog Post created by Vivian Jackson Employee on Feb 17, 2016

There are the blogs, the tweets, the Instagram photos, Facebook posts—all content that is being created on a regular basis at a fairly fast pace. I think we all agree that a good content cadence keeps our brand relevant and memorable, and our audiences engaged.


Check out the great infographic below for ideas on how to grab more eyeballs for your content. I was particularly fond of these content types:

01 Eye-Catching Photographs: As an amateur shutterbug, this one is near and dear. Who doesn’t like to peek “behind-the-scenes”? Apparently many people are saying that images are a #1 deciding factor when it comes to buying decisions.

03 Strong Calls to Action: Visual motivation rules the social environment – stop those scrollers dead in their tracks and engage them to look and act!

10 Infographics: I am a soft touch for a good infographic. They are easy to share (see what I’m doing here?) and contain all the info I want in place. Of course, the infographic trend has upped the ante with interactive infographics.


My final comment is to note that these content types rely heavily on visual—even the thought-provoking question.

The key takeaway? The eyes have it...


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