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28 Best Practices for an Effective Corporate Culture

Blog Post created by Vivian Jackson Employee on Feb 19, 2016

What stands out for me in this great infographic, is where communication is placed—right at the beginning! Each of the practices listed in the infographic are elements that are easily within an organization’s control.

Communication Enables Best Practices

It is my humble opinion that each of these best practices can be put into place only if the organization’s communication strategy is omni-channel, socially savvy, and flows from trustworthy information sources.  Corporate communication traditionally flows downhill along a legalistic, hierarchy-based path, but with the advent of the social media landslide, that communication paradigm must change.

My Key Takeaways:

#6 Innovation—we all know what it is and why it is important to today’s business.

#10 Leadership—is the environment empowered? Or is the hierarchy more important?

#11 Work/Life Balance—stress is a silent enemy of innovation, job satisfaction, and loyalty.

#21 Credit Sharing—the blame game and stealing credit create relationships based on fear.

#28 Evaluation—the dreaded annual review. Is it an exercise that fills many with apathy or loathing?

Effective Org Culture.jpg

A healthy corporate culture is always evolving and providing opportunities for all employees to learn and grow. Which of these best practices speaks to your organization’s culture?

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