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 GUI elements missing for Pentaho Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

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Alex Ford posted 09-26-2023 07:20


I'm a relatively new user for Pentaho-Kettle, and have been trying to get it set up locally, but unfortunately have experienced a few teething issues. Namely UI elements not displaying correctly. Having seen previous posts regarding libwebkitgtk-1.0-0, and changing certain settings in script these don't see the resolve the issue (or in some cases, make it worse). 

I post this hoping that there is a relatively easy fix, or if someone has a step by step I can follow. I can confirm that I have pre-requisites installed with appropriate versions. 

Many Thanks in Advance

Edit : Excellent thank you, These elements weren't populated in my version, but with the guidance and the reference image I ticked the "Use look of OS" option which seems to have fixed everything. Much appreciated !

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Petr Prochazka Best Answer

Hi Alex,

IMHO it's problem of L&F settings. You have black background with white text.  I have inverse colours. So check L&F settings: Tools -> Options and Look & Feel tab.

This is my settings on Win 11: