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Posted By Sirish Bhatnagar 11-06-2022 14:59
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RAID-6 is similar to RAID-5, except that it uses double parity for enhanced fault tolerance. If two disks fail simultaneously, RAID 6 can reconstruct the data with double parity. RAID-6 is highly secure and fault-tolerant and this is the reason why RAID-6 is used in HUR/GAD solutions. ------------------------------ ...
Posted By Sirish Bhatnagar 11-01-2022 20:47
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The first-ever Hitachi Vantara Giving Week is from November 7-11, 2022. Please share how you intend to engage in Giving Back to the community you live and work in.  Details about the event options, registration, and participation can be found on the Giving Week 2022 Connect page. ------------------------------ ...