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Posted By Juha-Matti Varjonen 06-24-2022 03:50
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Thank you for the answer! It seems that I figured out the root cause for the issue. We have multiple users who use PDI throught the very same Linux Ubuntu with their own Linux logins and one of them has accidentally generated file under kettle_home and only this one user ...
Posted By Juha-Matti Varjonen 06-22-2022 08:48
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Hello all, suddenly the PDI Database Explorer SQL query generation automation stopped working in Kettle. Pressing the "OK" button as shown below in screenshot doesn't do anything. Do you have any ideas how to fix this? I was trying also to get new fresh copy of PDI installation folder but same issue ...
Posted By Juha-Matti Varjonen 01-13-2021 10:51
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At last friday suddenlty I have started to get below error message at PDI / startup on Ubuntu 16.04. PDI version 9.1.   2021-01-08 22:00:14.689:INFO:oejs.Server:FelixStartLevel: jetty-9.4.18.v20190429; built: 2019-04-29T20:42:08.989Z; git: e1bc35120a6617ee3df052294e433f3a25ce7097; jvm 1.8.0_201-b09 ...