• GSs HCI Connectors and Stages library

    We ( GSS)      professional services have created several connectors listed below one can      be used on share points.  On the surface I do not see any technical  ...
    Troy Myers
    created by Troy Myers
  • HCI/HCM Scaling beyond 1 node

    As I dig deeper into HCI/HCM and what is required for scaling, there is a point that likely needs to be clarified.  This especially needs clarification when reading through Sizing HCI and HCM.pptx   In gen...
    Clifford Grimm
    created by Clifford Grimm
  • Running a Spark Transformation through java.

    I trying to run a simple spark transformation(containing GenerateRows and WriteToLog) using kettle 8. This is working fine for me using Spoon(using the Spark Run Configuration). Now I would like to run this same Spark...
    nathan steele
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  • XUL Error - Cannot Create Database Connections

    I have an issue with creating database connections in Spoon (pdi-ce- on Windows 10. The error I receive is: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Argument not valid Then subsequently: General error in dialo...
    Bill Wallace
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  • Kettle / Data Integration - unable to create a Database Connection (XulException: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException)

    Having finally got kettle to start and not hang, I still cannot use it to much avail, as when I try to create a new Database Connection (after creating a new Transformation) I get this error:   org.pentaho.ui.xul...
    Yves Borenstein
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  • Illegal reflective access by org.pentaho.di.core.plugins.KettleURLClassLoader

    Hi,   I'm having troubles getting the Database connections dialog. Whenever I try to open connection editor, I get the following error message: org.pentaho.ui.xul.XulException: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTarge...
    Thomas Casteleyn
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  • What is best practice for HNAS archiving (DM2Cloud) to HCP ?

    HNAS offers two connectors for archiving data to HCP, known as data migrator to cloud (DM2Cloud). The older one uses HCP proprietary REST protocol. Compatible with HCP software v7.x.x The newer one uses S3 protocol...
    Steven Looby
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  • AI Captain: The Future of Ship Navigation

    Open video

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  • connect to sql server 2008 r2

    Hi, I'm having a problem when I try to connect into database sql server 2008 r2.   When I click in the test connection, it throws bellow exception. I don't know why, because I've the jdbcdriver 4.2 in my lib pa...
    luiz kava
    created by luiz kava
  • pentho8.2 ce

    I just deployed pentho 8.2. When the report produced by pentaho 8.2 report-designer is published to pentaho 8.2 server, only the text output type can be selected to open the report. The other output types will report ...
    dbl dbl
    created by dbl dbl
  • Run the Job outside PDI

    Hi Guys   I need to run the Job called "My Job" and to define the Parameter Called "Name" from Command line.   Could you pls assist with the building of the required command? I know about Pan, but somehow ...
    Vadim Kalyshkin
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  • Which is the user and password to enter for Data Integration that comes by default in version 8.2?

    Which is the user and password to enter for Data Integration(Spoon) that comes by default in version 8.2? Already probe with admin/admin and admin/password and does not work.
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  • Accelerating the Social Innovation Agenda with Emerging Technologies

        After attending a workshop on emerging technologies recently I got to thinking about how we grow through innovation. We explored areas such as: Big data and analytics, artificial intelligence, blockchai...
    Michael Tevel
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  • eseguire un report

    Buongiorno, ho istallato un server pentaho sul quale ho caricato alcuni report. vorrei sapere come fare a lanciare un report dall'esterno, con la stringa http://... Grazie Renato Rossi
    Renato Rossi
    created by Renato Rossi
  • Unexpected error during job metadata load

    I'm having an issue executing a job with kitchen.sh that executes fine within spoon. Any ideas? Please see below:     2019/03/15 11:51:34 - Master_Job - Starting entry [Workflow] 2019/03/15 11:51:34 - Ma...
    Daniel Clark
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  • Filter component blank, but working

    Im using sql query to this parameter "select distinct year from dim_time"
    Lucas b Bulow
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  • Where to download the HCP Data Migrator?

    We are planning to migrate few name spaces from HCP500 to HCP G10. We have previously used HCP Data Migrator for which we have the documentation available at HitachiVantara product page. But it is not available for do...
    Mahesh Wijenayaka
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  • How to use AlpacaJS with RequireJS in Ctools?

    Hi, best explained with an image:   So, this is a NON require dashboard. You can see that alpaca uses handlebars and bootstrap. That all works perfectly. (In some more complex cases there are additional js fi...
    Dan Keeley
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  • HCP Anywhere Unshare Team Folder

    Is there any way (other than deleting af older) to Unshare a Team Folder   If you by accident have made a top-level folder a Team Folder, and then afterwards try to make a sub-folder a Team Folder, that is not p...
    Bjarne Hansen
    created by Bjarne Hansen
  • Hitachi and Cisco: Data Technology Leadership

    Ready to leverage the power of data within your organization? Hitachi Vantara and Cisco offer the technology leadership you need to manage, share and access data — quickly, flexibly and securely.   By Sean...
    Sean Siegmund
    created by Sean Siegmund