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SI with Pvol HDT and Svol HDP VSP G400

Question asked by Triyono Nugroho on Mar 24, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2016 by Hyunpyo Jeon

Hi All,


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i have a case, in my customer have VSP G400, use replication SI, and Pvol come from HDT and Svol from HDP. cycle time in HDT set 8 hours.

My question and concerns is when we initial copy for 1.2 TB used 900GB we need around 45 Hours (copy pace set faster, host IO low). and we try to split and resync with differential 3% we need 17 hours for pair again (DB status is freeze).

we look to perf extractor, no issue, because LUN IOPS, MP, CWP is low.


anyone have idea and same issue what happen with this storage? or some suggest best practice this case?




warm regards.