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How to set the Windows OS Time/timezone on the SVP (VSP)

Question asked by Cyril Buthier on Apr 15, 2016
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I am confused about the time and time zone settings that should be set in the Windows clock and in the sytem date/time,


We know the SVP system date/time has to be GMT, and in the 07svp.pdf (maintenance manual of VSP), we can see this note :


Use Synchronization : In case of checking it, this function is valid.

In case of no checking it, this function is invalid.

SNTP server IP address : IP address of the SNTP server

SNTP server Port : Port (0 to 65535) used by the SNTP server

Time Zone : Time zone of local time

Synchronization check : Time to reset the SVP’s time (0 to 23, time of 24-hour clock)

Create SIM when failure: Create SIM when synchronization information setting failure.

(ON is create. OFF is not create.)

Note: The SVP TOD Set up need to be adjusted to local time until the SNTP time

synchronization occurs at the hour set up in “Synchronization Check hour”.  (I don't understand the importance of this, local time will be changed to GMT time, then the next syncs will be done @ the Sync check time but in GMT ---> is that what is expected ?)

In Windows : can the NTP be also set in parallel, I don't see anything about this in the Manual..

Thanks for any clue