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G800, GAD, VMWare, FMD-DC2

Question asked by Volker Osswald on Apr 22, 2016

hi guys,

i plan a G800-Implementation with GAD in a VMWare environement.

Customer has 14 ESX-Server ( 11 with VMWare 6 in and 3 with VMWare 5.5 )

Customer wants to do all with commands ( raidcom and pairxxxx ), so i dont need replication manager for management or hicommand to do the create and map luns.


All Servers will be connected to 8 ports on each G800 exept the VMWare 5.5 which will be connected to only 4 ports on each G800 ( as far as i know VMWare 5.5 can handle only

8 path to a LUN, VMWare 6 can 32 ? )


The distance of the to DPcenters is about 500m, so i think that i dont need ALUA.


I also have tuningmanager, for which i need a command device ( IP CMD seems to be very restricted today - not really an option? ).


My question is now:

Can i map the command device for tuningmanager to the same hostgroup as the "normal" volumes? must the command device in the secondary G800 be in the VSM? does that work?


other questions i have regarding FMD-DC2 and compression:

When i have created the Pool with the FMDs without compression, can i activate compression later or do i have to do that before the creation of the luns on the FMDs.

Are there any SOMs i have to look for with FMDs?

Any special hints or tips or recommandations on FMDs i have to look for?



Thanks for your help and best reagrds, Volker