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Need help downloading Storage Navigator Modular 2

Question asked by Tiago de Aviz on Apr 27, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2016 by Fortunato Garcia

Hi all,


I have a customer of mine which owns a DF600F storage subsystem. I don't know if this model is correct or not because I've never managed an Hitachi storage. The customer has no documentation on how it was configured, its IP addresses or passwords.


I've found here that I will need the Storage Navigator Modular 2 software to manage it, but my customer has no idea to whom the equipment is registered. I saw that I need to register into HDS with the correct email to do that. Is this right?


Well, the situation is that we have a server almost out of disk space and we need to expand a LUN ASAP. Could anyone help me on how to obtain the software needed to manage this system?


Afterwards I guess I will be required to reset its management IP and passwords, but first I'll need the tools to access it.


I'd greatly appreciate any assistance.