Henry Lacanlale

Quota Reporting on HNAS

Discussion created by Henry Lacanlale on Jun 3, 2016



We use some volumes for NIS home directories.  First off, I'm not much of a coder but i do know some (really) basic shell scripting.  The HNAS is a bit different than a unix server so even when you have rsh keys...you simply can't ssh a command over to the HNAS and get the output back to route to a file.  We are able to setup a cronjob within HNAS to send quota reporting by email but what I need is an actual text file.  Sure...we can convert the email to a text file once we receive it on our end but it would be nice if there's a way the HNAS can sent a text file with the report.  Why do I want a text file?  It not me who wants it, it's a user requesting us to change the email format to file format.


Thanks in advance for those who will read or respond to this.