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What HDS APIs are available?

Question asked by Andrei ASTRAKHARCHIK on Jun 9, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2018 by charanjit singh

I am investigating the ways for our software to collect Topology and Performance data from HDS.


I need to discover the Topology objects such as Storage Controllers, Disc Arrays and Volumes and the relationships among them. In addition, I need to collect Performance data for these objects, such as Storage Amount, Storage Provisioned, IOPS and Latency.


What is the choice of APIs there to get all this information?


So far I found the following:


1) Hitachi Storage Advisor REST API


This API allows to collect the Topology data, but not the Performance one. Storage Advisor seems to work with VSP series only.

Besides that, it looks like a great RESTfull API that would be nice to work with.


2) Tuning Manager (HTnM) API


That API seems to be the only way to collect Performance data programmatically. It looks that it is the part of standard software Hitachi Command Suite (HCS). It seems that it will allow me to collect all the performance metrics that I mentioned.

On the down side, the API provides the data in the table (CSV) format, which is not as convenient as JSON, or XML.

Is there a way to  collect the Topology information in this API?

What about object IDs for this API, such as Volume ID? Can I related them to the object IDs from other APIs?

3) Device Manager (HDvM) CLI

It is the command line tool that allows to query the Topology information. It seems to be a common way to use this API above others. Is there a way to use this CLI programmatically in Java without installing the client tool?

I found the following example:

HiCommandCLI.bat -s https://device-manager-server-host-name:2443/service GetServerInfo

Can I send the request to the URL directly? Is there an API for it?

4) ?

Are there any other APIs that I missed?

Are all my findings accurate? I would appreciate any you comments.

Thank you,