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VSP G200 / "not enough memory available on the shared memory" Error ?

Question asked by EGE MUKAN on Jun 25, 2016
Latest reply on May 9, 2017 by EGE MUKAN

!Hello All,


We have a VSP G200 delivered in the customer site with configuration below.


32GB Cache

8 x 8Gbps FC Ports

6TB NLSAS / 18 x (7D+1P) / Net : 673TB + 2 Spare Drives

3 x DB60 Enclosure

There is no any other additional license except the SVOS.

During the implementation process, our team has faced the "Not Enough Memory" problem while the system creating LDEVs. 22GB of 32GB memory has been already occupied as Shared Memory.

Exact error message is in the attachment.

There wasn't any notice regarding this situation while we are doing the configuration in CPQ.

Are there any ideas to solve this problem without upgrading cache memory ? and is there a document(s) related with the Cache Memory sizing of G200 regarding the number and size of disk drives ?


Ege Mukan

Avnet Technologies