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HNAS NDMP Backup Using CommVault

Question asked by Carl Noble on Jun 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2016 by shrikant bhat

We are backing up over 20 million files from our HNAS 4060 cluster to CommVault Simpana and it takes about 52 hours when we perform the weekly full backup.  We do weekly fulls and nightly incrementals to disk and monthly fulls to tape.  We need to speed up the weekly fulls.  I have not zoned the HNAS to see the tape drives for direct to tape NDMP dumps for the monthly fulls to tape but that would still not help our weekly fulls that go to disk.


Is there a way to send the weekly full directly to disk using Simpana?  If I create a zone containing the HNAS and the Simpana server will the HNAS recognize the Simpana server as an NDMP device?


On the Simpana side we specify 4 data readers which is the max but when the job runs it only uses one of the 4 streams.