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VMware vCenter Plugin and VASA Provider with GAD?

Question asked by Stefan Schwiedel on Aug 8, 2016
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I tested the Hitachi Storage Plug-in for VMware vCenter (Web Client) and could not find information about the support of GAD volumes in this plugin.

After registering the HCS Instance, I could see both physical and the virtual storage machine, but I could choose only the phyiscal storage machine to create ldevs.

Is there a way to create GAD volumes with the plugin?



I assume that it`s not supported since even the VASA Provider does not support it.



I was not able to test it yet because of the quite diffictult documentation

Would it be possible to create GAD VVols with the VASA provider?



GAD is mentioned here but it seems to be not supported at the moment:



There where some good documents in the past for VMware performance best practices, but I was not able to find them. Maybe someone can share a link with me for the latest Version of vSphere 6?


Help would be much appreciated.


BR Stefan