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HNAS3080 - windows2012 'size' and the 'Size on disk' differences

Question asked by Hyun-Dong Cho on Aug 9, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2016 by Karl Lewis



I use Windows 2012 from Hitachi NAS 3080 environments.


Folder properties 'size' and the 'Size on disk' differences occur.


We faced an issue concerning CIFS blocksize.

( HNAS CIFS 4K -> Windows server 2012 1M, )


I want to know why the block sizes of file system look different 'size' and the 'Size on disk'


On the Windows 2012, the disk mapped size of files were 2MB(1MB * 2).  It  is much larger than HNAS file system’s block size(4KB).


Those who know the details or reasons for the issue, please respond.