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advice-> changing host group mode on VSP (R700) to fully activate vsphere VAAI.

Question asked by Pablo Jimenez on Aug 25, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2016 by David Tao

Hi people:

I have a HUS 130 virtualized through a VSP (non disks; R700). The VSP is connected via 4 Brocade 300 (1 port on each Brocade) and they are on the same Fabric.

Our vsphere 5.5u3 cluster is made of two chassis (BX900) of 4 blades each one. Each chassis have 2 internal Brocade 5450. We connect one port of each B5450 with one B300.

Right now; I have 6 2TB ldev in 2 VMFS-5 FS where are 70 vms working (3 ldev on each VMFS-5 File System).

Initially our VSP Hostgroup have option 54 and 63, but pitifully the host mode was let on 01 (Vmware) and not on 21 (Vmware extension).

Most of the vms workload is on regular office hours; but have a least 10 that work 24/7 (but aren't high IO vms).

So here my questions:

a) can I change the host-mode from 01 to 21 without a maintenance window (all vms running) ?

If the work can be done (on live)

a.1) should I change the host-mode all at once or 1 by 1 ?

if not

b) should I dismount all VMFS-5 FS ?

c) or just shutdown the entire cluster (8 blades) and make the change ?


Any advice will be appreciated.


PD: I will upload a FC diagram ASAP.