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How to expand DP Pool by adding volumes in HCS?

Question asked by Andrei ASTRAKHARCHIK on Sep 1, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2017 by YASEEN b JAMAKHANDI

I've read in 'VSP Provisioning Guide' that DP Pool can be resized by adding new DP Pool volumes to it:


"If you increase the pool capacity by adding a pool-VOL, a portion of the

existing data in the pool automatically migrates from an older pool-VOL to

the newly added pool-VOL, balancing the usage levels of all the pool-VOLs.


The pool-VOLs contained in a pool can be added or deleted. Removing a

pool-VOL does not delete the pool or any related DP-VOLs."


How can I create a new DP Pool volume? I did not find the way in HCS.


Or, how I can add a volume to a DP Pool to make it an additional DP Pool volume for the pool?