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Range query supported with Custom Metadata queries?

Question asked by Harri Heikkila on Sep 26, 2016

In my test case it seems that range queries can be used only with system metadata and content properties, but not supported with Custom Metadata (Custom Content) property queries (via ContentClass).

Or could there be other reason why latter example below does not find anyhing?



Range queries seems to work as documented with system metadata.
For example this returns correct results:


  +(ingestTimeString:["2016-09-02T14:49:00" TO "2016-09-02T14:49:12"])

Whereas this gives error message (because using properties defined in CustomClass?):



  +(metadataValue:["2016-09-02 16:59:50" TO "2016-09-02 17:59:50"])


Returns "Invalid query request. Please check your query syntax."


As a background we have a list of 'metadataName' and 'metadataValue' pairs stored as Custom Content and ContentClass is used to assign the pairs.

Custom metadata queries seems to work with other search conditions we have tried, but rage query fails.

For example if I change last part in failing query:

  +(metadataValue:["2016-09-02 16:59:50" TO "2016-09-02 17:59:50"])


  +(metadataValue:"2016-09-02 16:59:50")

It returns correct result.

Any ideas is this because range queries are not supported when accessing custom metadata (via Content Class) or it something else I'm missing?