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Non Optimized paths in AIX with VSP G1K

Question asked by b044r9tm on Sep 29, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2016 by Sandesh Madgule


Recently we did fabric migration for a server. The procedure is as below

It is for AIX LPARs

(Out of 4 Paths we want move only 2 paths and we move only 1 path at a time)

1. Disable the path

2. Remove the path

3. Remove Adapter

4. Change the FC Cables into new switch

5. Add Create Host Group under new Storage Port, assign LUNs to host and add WWNs to the host group

6. Run cfgmgr in server to scan paths


After steps 6 new paths has appeared but the path comes as NON (Non optimized path). But I expect it should come as optimized path. We did similar activity for other servers also and those have no issue. And there no specific change at storage also.

After server reboot the path changed to Optimized. But the activity should not require server reboot.

Any body faced this kind of issue ? Why the behavior is different for servers ? How can we resolve this issue in future ?


We are using VSP G1K storage.

We use AIX native MPIO for multi-pathing.