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Speed up HUR Initial Copy

Question asked by Andrew Hall on Oct 21, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2016 by James Hansen

We have a new V1000 and we're setting up HUR replication to another V1000.  The link is over Brocade 7800s and we've stress tested it and throughput is fine and latency is ~4ms.


I set up a pair group with 2 LDEV's totaling 4 TB.  During the initial copy, the total throughput over the MCU/RCU ports (2 each) was flatlined at 35 MB/s total.  This seems very slow and will take way too long.


Anyone know of any settings or tricks to increase the rate of the initial HUR copy??


If the pair is created in Storage Nav, there is an "Initial Copy Priority" setting (1-255) which defaults to 32.  What exactly does this do and can I use this to speed up the initial copy?

Can the "Initial Copy Priority" be set in a "paircreate" command?