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Problem matching vSphere Storage with HDS volume via WWN

Question asked by Andrei ASTRAKHARCHIK on Nov 14, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2016 by Andrei ASTRAKHARCHIK

I'm trying to match a vSpere datastore with the HDS volume via WWN.


In vSphere, I can see that the datastore has the following WWN:


Device: HITACHI Fibre Channel Disk (naa.60060e8013357e005020357e0000011d)



I'm using SMI-S REST API to retrieve the volume WWN from HDS:


instance of HITACHI_StorageVolume {

  BlockSize = 512;

  Caption = "285";

  ConsumableBlocks = 4294967296;

  ElementName = "00:01:1D";

  Name = "HITACHI R50342BE011D";

  NumberOfBlocks = 524611584;

  OperationalStatus = {2};

  OtherIdentifyingInfo = {"60060e803642be00000342be0000011d"};

  SystemName = "HUS VM.213694";

  Usage = 32768;

  CreationClassName = "HITACHI_StorageVolume";

  DeviceID = "HITACHI R50342BE011D";

  SystemCreationClassName = "HITACHI_StorageSystem";



If to compare these two WWNs, I can see that they are different:


VC:     60060e80 13357e005020357e00 00011d

HDS:  60060e80 3642be00000342be00 00011d


What could be the reason for that? What are the meaning for the digits after the HDS prefix?


Thank you,