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G storage family naa serial resolution

Question asked by B791P0KF on Dec 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2018 by Dmitriy Filippov

Hi all,

I found this link that talk about getting serial from naa.

Storage Meat: Decoding WWIDs (or how to tell what's what)

I'm looking for info about G family (G1000, G200, G400, G800) and their virtual storage.

The current problem I have is with virtual storage of G400:

60060e8012ad9c005040ad9c000001ff   - G400 444444 (6 digits)

Resolving 0ad9c gives 44444 (5 digits) although the real serial is 444444 (6 digits)


With G1000 there is no problem

60060e8007d903000030d9030000b4d7   - G1000 55555 (5 digits)


Is any current documentation about resolving naa?