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looking for HDLM v8.1 for Solaris 8

Question asked by Tiki Lin on Dec 10, 2016

Dear ALL

My Customer has a Solaris 8 Server with HDLM v6.1 and connect to AMS1000.

My customer had buy a new storage HDS G200. I have migrated the LUN from AMS1000 to G200.But the HDLM don't support G200.

I check the new version HDLM (8.4 and 8.5) and them does not support Solaris 8 anymore .

I suggest my customer to migrate LUN to HUS150 . And I upgrate the HDLM from v6.1 to v8.1. The v8.1of HDLM both support Solaris 8 and HUS150.

Then I go to . I cn't find any old version software.

So .... where can I find the HDLM v8.1 for Solaris 8.