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HCP OpenStack Swift incompatibility

Question asked by Stefan Magnus Landro on Jan 19, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2017 by Stefan Magnus Landro

Hi there,


We're trying to use the official openstack swift python client in order to store data in hcp, and are currently experiencing an incompatibility issue related to metadata handling. The client lowercases all metadata headers (python-swiftclient/ at master · openstack/python-swiftclient · GitHub ), and these don't get saved in HCP (it seems hcp requires headers to be the first character to be uppercased for the metadata to be stored).


Has anone else run into this issue?

Are there other incompatibility issues between hcp openstack and "real" openstack?


This issues is preventing us from actually starting to use the HCP plattform - is it easy to get HCP patched in situations like this?