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AMS2100 usage of iSCSI and FC

Question asked by Ronald Dijksterhuis on Jan 23, 2017

A customer wants to use his old AMS2100 as a GAD quorum device for two new VSP G200 systems.

At this moment his AMS2100 has the 4x onboard FC Ports which are in use. And he has 4x ISCSI ports which are not used. The customer wants to use this iSCSI ports to connect to both G200er systems (have both iSCSI ports as well).



- I suppose this is possible, but  does the AMS2100 needs  a seperate RAID Group for Quorum data ?

- Should all iSCSI connections have the same speed ( I can't see the speed  of the ports in Hi Track, will the whole Cluster go down in speed when the connection to the AMS2100 will be 1Gb ?

- Is there a list of Storage Devices, also third party, that is supported.  (Cusomter has also a Nexenta Storage that can be used for Quorum) ?


Thank you for your help