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Issue loading stages from HCI custom plugin bundle

Question asked by Eduardo Gamboa on Jan 23, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2017 by Eduardo Gamboa

Hello All.

I'm migrating our test environment from HCI 1.0 to HCI 1.1. So far, the service is running correctly with no issues. I have loaded a custom plugin, which worked on HCI 1.0, and it is uploaded without issues.

When I try to import the configuration I had on the previous server, I got this error:



When I tried to create the pipelines from scratch, I got the following error when I added one of the custom stages:


I tried to validate the plugin with the SDK Plugin Harness for HCI 1.1, and it passes without any issue, however, the plugin fails when used.


Is there any other reason for this error?