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HCI Download LOG File Format

Question asked by Eckhard Roeser Employee on Feb 6, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2017 by Eckhard Roeser

Currently we do not yet have a file service connector other than local file services. This means that we can only access locally available folders on the HCI node. It is not to be expected that customers will store data locally on HCI nodes, so that we could use this connector.


But a good use case would be to research our own generated log files we can store locally in /opt/hci/bin, for instance.


I have done this and ran a Content verification stage against the what I have downloaded. Unfortunately, the format of this log archive is application/x-sh. None of our transform stages will deal with this format. I wonder why this format is chosen, if we could have a really quick success story for local file service usage. Instead, I guess I need to develop a new stage first in order to extract this type of archive.


can we not save our own log files in a format we can already extract with existing means?


Or do I understand something wrong here?