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HUS150 - Script to change paths to volumes

Question asked by B560J4JH on Feb 14, 2017



I am looking to understand if a script can be created to do the following using the Hitachi :Command Suite CLI


- Based on an existing list of volumes and their associated volume ID's, add a number of defined paths from HUS ports to HBA ports, so for example:


hus_0b to WWPN address

hus_0f to WWPN addresss


The process would need to maintain the existing pathing and then at a later date I would also like to know if certain paths can then be removed which are now redundant. So to do the above but the opposite way around.


I can achieve this in the Command Suite GUI but I have several 10's of volumes\LUNs to alter to interested to know if the process can be speeded up through script automation.


Any help is appreciated.