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Integrate ServiceNow with Hitachi

Question asked by SHIVAM VERMA on Feb 19, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2017 by Vinod Subramaniam

We are planning to come up with a solution to integrate ServiceNow with Hitachi Data Systems in the domain of Data Storage.

This will be beneficial for the organizations which use ServiceNow as they can leverage the benefits of the best cloud-based service management tool.

This will facilitate and ease the management of the flash arrays without a dependency on the IT department.

With some preliminary insight, we could figure that the integration of ServiceNow with Hitachi Data Sytems is possible using the API's provided by Hitachi to create volumes and manage flash arrays.

However, in order to proceed further, we need some additional information regarding the API's and the access to those API's. We might also need a sandbox environment to make the API calls.

Please suggest a suitable time and the mode of communication to discuss.