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Migration from EMC Celerra to HNAS 4xxx

Question asked by A0010C3B on Feb 23, 2017

We are looking at an HNAS with a VSP back end.    Does anybody have any experience migrating data from a Celerra, that's accessed by both Linux and Windows users, to the HNAS?   Which tools you've used and what advice you have?   Issue we see is that EMC has two separate permissions, one for Windows and a separate for UNIX, but Hitachi only has UNIX and utilizes usermapper to grand/deny Windows.


What if a file has unique permissions on a single file for Unix and Windows?  Do we have to choose one or the other?   We were thinking we'd utilize universal migrator for all of the data and then something like secure copy to update the Windows side, if the data is accessed solely by Windows.   Still concerned about the mixed access type.   Thoughts?