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Generating a Configuration File

Question asked by Roguen Keller Employee on Feb 24, 2017
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Don't know if anyone else ran into this with their first plugin creation, but I was having a bit of trouble generating out a configuration file for my plugin jar per the instruction in TEST_AND_DEBUG.txt


According to that text:

  2. Generate a configuration file for the plugins you want to test:

     To generate a configuration file for all plugins in a bundle:

        ./plugin-test -j <path-to-your-plugin-bundle-name>.jar -a [output-config-file]

     To generate a configuration file for only one plugin:

        ./plugin-test -j <path-to-your-plugin-bundle-name>.jar -plugin <plugin name> -a [output-config-file]


     The output-config-file should then be edited to include the plugin configurations

     you would like to test with.

But that's not what I got as a response when I used any of the following commands:


  • ./plugin-test -j /pathTo/myjar.jar --autoconfig ./plugin-test-myjar.conf
  • ./plugin-test -j /pathTo/myjar.jar -a ./plugin-test-myjar.conf
  • ./plugin-test -j /pathTo/myjar.jar --autoconfig plugin-test-myjar.conf
  • ./plugin-test -j /pathTo/myjar.jar -a plugin-test-myjar.conf

In all cases I received the help text prompting me to provide some added params


readlink: illegal option -- f

usage: readlink [-n] [file ...]

20:42:57.576 [main] INFO com.hds.ensemble.sdk.plugin.test.PluginTestRunner - ***************************************

20:42:57.583 [main] INFO com.hds.ensemble.sdk.plugin.test.PluginTestRunner - *  HCI Plugin Test Harness: 1.1.0     *

20:42:57.583 [main] INFO com.hds.ensemble.sdk.plugin.test.PluginTestRunner - ***************************************


Error: Unable to read any configuration file


usage: plugin-test [-a <path to output file>] [-c <configFilePath>] [-d]

       [-h] [-j <pathToJarFile>] [-p <pluginName>] [-r]

-a,--autoconfig <path to output file>   When enabled, the specified jar

                                         file is read and a new

                                         plugin-test configuration is

                                         generated containing additional

                                         entries for all discovered

                                         plugins (with default config


You'll find my answer in the response.