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Upgrade to v1.1.1.36

Discussion created by Eckhard Roeser Employee on Mar 2, 2017
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just to let you know about my first experiences by using the upgrade package v1.1.1.36:


1. The first try failed because my /opt/hci folder did not have at least 10GB of free capacity anymore available.

2. Expanded this on all 5 nodes and it worked.

3. I had the feeling of having a hickup at step 44 out 3xx steps to go. It was staying there for a long time. But haveing a look into the nodes via htop showed me that something is ongoing on another node. So, I left it just running.

4. Finished after maybe one hour or so.

5. There is not really a lot of indexes on this system yet. So, this might be a little indicator how long such operations can take in customer envs.


My config is:


- 5 nodes

- 4 CPUs each

- 16GB mem each