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HCI Connector Plugin Not Running Through Test Steps

Question asked by Roguen Keller Employee on Mar 6, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2017 by Roguen Keller

Hi everyone,

I had created a connector plugin for HCI which crawls URLs and creates a document for every URL it finds on a page, including and excluding links based on configurable regular expressions, as well as following those links to a specified depth.


When I created the plugin I had established a debugging mode for a remote java application to connect to the testing harness on port 5903.  This all worked out well.  I finished my connector, tested it successfully, pushed my code up to GitHub for sharing.


Today I wanted to recored a video downloading and running that code, along with a write-up.  But I ran into a snag.  When I established my remote java connection to the test harness it would stop at my breakpoint in the constructor, but nowhere else in the code.  I can't figure out why.


Here is a recording of my session downloading the code and ultimately being unable to debug: HCI Connector Debug Issue

And here is a link to the Github repo for my example: GitHub - roguen/HCI-Java-Examples: Example Plugins (Connectors and Stages) for HCI built in Java


Thanks for your help!