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How do I transform field contents in a pipeline?  Or, how do I build up a field from scratch?

Question asked by Jeff Maaks Employee on Mar 18, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2017 by Jon Chinitz

HCI Version: 1.1.0


I'm trying to take a field ("HCI_URI") and translate the contents from "file:/rest_of_URI" to "".


Is there a direct way to do this transformation?


Since I'd not found an easy way to do a search & replace, I tried the following stages:

  1. Appender...Append Text to Field.  Target field name: Final_URI.  Custom Text: ""
  2. Field Parser...(parse HCI_URI with : delimiter, placing token 1 into Root_URI
  3. Appender...Append Field to Field.  Target field name: Final_URI.  Source field name: Root_URI


When testing the pipeline, step 1 does nothing, step 2 works as expected, and step 3 does nothing.


So part 2 of this question is: How do I create a field in a pipeline that doesn't exist?