Athar Hussain

HDS VSP Gx00 Series Flash Cache

Discussion created by Athar Hussain on Mar 23, 2017

Hi All,

Like other competitor HPE/EMC are offering Fast Cache/Flash Cache in their Storage and also Convincing Customer to ask these Fast Cache/Flash Cache feature with HDS representative but as we all know HDS is not offering this feature, I asked this question with HDS Architect Why Flash Cache  is not included/offering with HDS G series and he told me that " We don't need Flash Cache in our Storage" but convincing this to customer is quite tough in competition. Like we faced a similar situation Customer asked Storage with 96GB Cache and 400GB Flash Cache and if Flash Cache Feature is not Supported in Storage So extra 128GB Cache must be quoted that's mean we have to Quote G600 and EMC is Happy with Unity 400 and its low in cost as compared to G600. Can any one have idea HDS will be offering Flash Cache in near Future ??