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Upgrade to v1.1.2.27 failed

Question asked by Eckhard Roeser Employee on Apr 11, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2017 by Frank Fodera

I would like to upgrade from v1.1.1.36 (5-Node HCI) to v1.1.2.27. I have downloaded the Upgrade package from the Community download page and verified the MD5 hash, which is correct.


Going to the admin UI of my running v1.1.1.36 and selecting the Upgrade button gives me this:



Nevertheless, I have tried to load the upgrade package which will give me this error message:



Looking to RNs for v1.1.2.27 give me nothing in regards of this issue.



This is a 5 - Node HCI installation



Before I now start trying to perform the upgrade via the CLI and dig in the dark, quick question, if this is an expected behaviour and if yes, what is the workaround?


Thanks and brgds,