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Question asked by Wayne Egli on Apr 25, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2017 by Wayne Egli

In creating a dynamic selection using an external provider I want to access properties which store information I need in the script. How do you do this?

For example:

     function fn (requestPath, queryParamMap, properties) {

          var userName = 'myUserName';



How do I replace "myUserName" with something I have as a property of the plugin/service?

I see this in the documentation but not clear on how to apply it.


A JSON object including shared properties and reserved properties which is related to external resource provider. The reserved properties are the following:  

  • reserved.exteranl.hcmds.dir 
  • reserved.external.path 
  • reserved.external.query 
  • reserved.external.resource.dir 
  • reserved.external.userName 

You can obtain the value of the property using "properties["<property key>"].