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Custom file Package (Group properties)

Question asked by Wayne Egli on May 8, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2017 by Wayne Egli

I see within some of the templates that come with HAD they have a rather unique/custom look. Particularly the "Add generic volumes" service templates. I would like to create my own, but the one that is there ( I downloaded is way to complex to understand. Referring to the OS, LDEV Setting expansions, etc seen below.




Is there a some samples that start a little simpler I could do? I'd really just like something that put a header and box around some input properties. Nothing fancy...don't need all the expansion stuff, etc.

I tried using a different group but that doesn't seem to work as I need to access input properties via the external custom service and when I move those to another group - I can't access the values.


So maybe a way to access input props in the Query Param field from another group? {$ref.othergroupname.customPropName} doesn't work...