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Expand VMware Datastore

Question asked by Johnny Koen Employee on May 24, 2017
Latest reply on May 29, 2017 by Johnny Koen

Hi All,


Has anyone attempted to expand and existing Datastore using the vCenter Web Service Connection. I'm using the provided Service Templates to create Datastores etc, but what plugin can I use to perform additional administration on Datastores like expanding the Datastore.


To put my question in a bit more context, I have created a Service Template to create a GAD volume and create a VMFS Datastore on the GAD volume. I now want to give the users the ability to expand that Datastore. The storage component meaning, delete the Copy Group, expand both pvol and svol and create the copy group is done. Now I need to try and figure out how to expand the Datastore.


I hope its as simple as using the same plugin to create the Datastore "vsphereCreateDataStore" and just provide the vCenter details, the Lun Path and the Datastore name.


The only idea I currently have is to use to the Terminal plugin and execute a script on the ESXi server to create the Datastore which is really messy and not easily repeatable on other customer sites.


If anyone has a better idea, please advise


Kind Regards