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Connector : where to specify file path

Question asked by Shouchun (Marnith) Peng Peng Employee on Jul 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2017 by Shouchun (Marnith) Peng Peng

Hi DevNet,

As we're working towards building a connector to write a HCI_text into a json file for other services to use.

*HCI-text: Docuemnts that read by HCI, and parse with HCI_text or HCI_snippet field.

I have tested with the plugin-test harness, with the configuration file i could successfully outputted the file into my local file system(.json output)

so again shared my thoughts with Roguen Keller , we took a step into our example, but still don't know much about where to locate the correct place to assign a local file path "/opt/hci".

Question :

1. In order to specify the data connection to point itself to read from a local file system(i.e., /opt/hci), where could I assign the file path for my connector to work like the default connector ?

for example:

when I test my connector out from the pipeline testing, i could get the file path and could check out the file path.


this is from the example.

2. After the connector writes out the file, we'd wanted to let other services to call out a restapi call to check out whether this workflow is completed or not.

How many statuses are there in the a workflow? is it four?(running, pending, idle, complete)