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vsp shadow image licenses issues

Discussion created by Akhilesh Pandey on Jul 13, 2017
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Suppose in a scenario in VSP we have shadow image liscense of 100GB and the usage exceeds to 102 GB and as a result we get an alert to procure more liscenses in next 30 days.In case if we delete some of the unwanted SI pairs and reduce the liscense usage and bring it by 99GB, then the alert for  liscense over usage should go as per my understanding.


But what we observe that inspite of bringing the usage in the limit the warning still persist and it shows as grace period.


Is this the way it works? and if so though we brought our usage within the limit we need to procure more liscenses to so that alert can be stopped.Need to know if we do not procure what will be the consequences