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Forbidden request error while running reporting API to get quota usage?

Question asked by Tri Hoang Employee on Jul 28, 2017


I’m trying to run a reporting API to get the quota usage for all users in AW but got the following forbidden request error. FSS API has been enabled in the FSS profile. Any idea?


c:\curl748>curl -kiX POST -T AdminSystemQuota.json -H "Accept: application/json" -H "Authorization:Bearer 0hQt3R0HExq87Pq1osjYWfCcSuA2kjkYZcuvoKnPKOX1WDU3a/tf09AStJoZODVF1WR8NSaqYKFZVt9qjaGd2WphZ1cz1ZiYnhKnUyStPqKGwjyI8WyC20/dTRVU5HBURCJf75vHu7gqe+9yVv2LdUeWq0dDYFzGTg4ADAal0r4=" -H "X-HCPAW-MANAGEMENT-API-VERSION: 2.1.0" -H "X-HCPAW-DEVICE-ID:myuid" “https://hcpaw.ucp.sglab:8000/mapi/report/admin/user/storage





There are two types of the Reporting API calls. One type (/mapi/report/audit) requires “Audit” role to be enabled in the profile, and another type (/mapi/report/admin) requires “Administrator” role to be enabled in the profile.


The call in question starts with “/mapi/report/admin/”, so you need to enable “Administrator” role in the profile that you use for this API.


MUI-> <profile> -> Management Console:

[v] Enable Management Console Access

[v] Administrator role