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Does HDI RS need License?How to reset?

Question asked by Swati Tiwari Employee on Jul 31, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2017 by Swati Tiwari

“Looking for assistance on this request.  The customer has lost the DVD during a move preventing them from provisioning HDI-RS boxes for customers.


They need a license for these.  Do you know if and where they can obtain this and if this is billed from the acct team. I have checked with level 2 and this appears outside the scope.”


The issue is that factory has a HDI-RS server at their site and they are setting up the provisioning before sending out the HDI-RS to their customer location.


This is the screenshot that he receives when working with the HDI-RS at the ThinkOn site:



I installed the version 6.2 from scratch.

When you start the box, you arrive to a wizard, first screens attached.

You can continue the configuration but I want to be sure I won’t have any limitations without the requested license…


See image 01 and 02.


See image 03 and 04.



Do you have any ideas or recommendations?