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HCI update issue

Question asked by Hedde van der Hoeven on Aug 2, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2017 by Hedde van der Hoeven

Dear community,


I set out this morning to update our 20 instance HCI installation to and ran into an issue.

  • First, when I opened the update page I received this message: Error getting update status: {"statusCode":404,"errorMessage":"Resource does not exist","errorProperties":[]}

  • Secondly I could upload the 1.1.4 package but once that finished it went back to the upload page and again displayed:

  • Thirdly I tried the upload again but now the message is: Failed to upload the update package: Upload not allowed in current state. Delete the current update and try again.


Before I started the update I did check if all instances and services were healthy and enough disk space was available

I checked on our other HCI installation and that displays the same behaviour.

I'll raise a case for this and post the number here in a minute.

Case number:HDS04441279