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HDI Sizing -- FTP

Question asked by Swati Tiwari Employee on Aug 24, 2017

We need your advice on this sizing. The customer has 30 legacy machines with an application that support FTP only.

We don’t see any performance paper on FTP, hence need your help on this.


  1. File type: image and word (all are static files and will not do online editor)
  2. Protocol: FTP
  3. File Size:10~20MB
  4. They can separate the files to different folder and not all on one folder
  5. Support over 30 machines concurrent read and write.  Each machine about 55GB storage per day,
  6. Aggregated max throughput for Reads/writes totally 1GB/s and 80% write and  20% read. Average 34GB/s per machine. The machine will run 24x7.
  7. HDI need to cache 3 months worth of data
  8. Customer wants to use HDI-VMA.



  • We want to know how many HDI-VMA are required.
  • And the recommended spec of each HDI-VMA.