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Maximum number of CIFS client connections

Discussion created by Swati Tiwari Employee on Aug 24, 2017
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Hello colleagues,


In document “Hitachi Data Ingestor File System Protocol (CIFS NFS) Administrator's Guide” I found restrictions for CIFS connections, you can find a table from this documents at the end of this e-mail.


Regarding this I have two questions from the customer:


  1. What does it mean CIFS client connections? It means, for example for single-node configuration, that simultaneously no more than 300 users can have access to mapped share (even if user don’t use it at this point of time, share just mapped?)? Or it means that not more than 300 files can be simultaneously opened or changed, or deleted etc. at the same time?
  2. Does this number for single-node configuration are also correct for HDI VM? Or there are other restrictions?

And few more question  from customer:


  1. About versioning, if versioning is enabled can administrator restore not just version of the single file, but all files in a separate folder? For example, restore the previous version of all files from the exact folder? And how many action administrator will need to do this?
  2. Does HDI or HCP have an audit for each file/object and do we have there a parameter of last time when a file was accessed and by whom (if file content was not changed)?


Thank you!