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Why is the Powershell HNAS Snapin Module throwing an error for Recovering Filesystems?

Question asked by Sean Doyle on Sep 5, 2017
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Hi all,


First time poster here and looking/working with automating the promotion of specific HNAS Filesystems contained within EVS's from Object Replications.


I downloaded the Hitachi HNAS Powershell Snap in and have it loaded.  All Cmdlets are working as expected, except the Recover-Filesystem Cmdlet.  Through various logic mechanisms and object gathering, I collected a list of the File-System I want to recover, the EVSIP, and the snapshot name.


However, when I enter these values, Powershell throws an E230A164 Error, "One or more parameters are not correct."  Which is not very descriptive...I know these parameters are correct, at least according to all the documentation.


For example, let's say my command is

Recover-Filesystem -FileServer $fs.FileServer -FileSystem some-test-fs -FSSnapshot AUTO_SNAPSHOT_TARGET_2001 -EVSIP ""


This returns an error although I know all of those input variables (FileServer, FileSystem, FSSnapshot, EVSIP) are valid because I've obtained them by querying the HNAS using the other Cmdlets as well as looking via the GUI.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you!